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how old is samus in the metroids. i know shes like around 20 in other m but where she at in the others




metroid y_y

i think this was done a million times before orz

this is the Samus Aran the world really needs

#metroid would be better off if they just established Samus as a 40 year old woman
#zero suit has outstayed its welcome

my roommate took a nap and his hair got fucked up

my roommate took a nap and his hair got fucked up

my favorite part about weekly memes is that 7 days are exactly the amount of time that I need to forget about something. by the time a week has passed I’ve already forgotten about Tuesday again no problem and am ready to remember again



how much of a catalyst for people discovering their transness do you think ranma 1/2 was

i would like to imagine its on the same tier that renamon and krystal were for furries




anime skeleton

this was the worst 28 seconds of my life

fuck you

i just….i want to sleep for days….am i Having Depression Again……

i think im gonna zonk it now, get up early tomorrow, and work on homework

oh i didnt know this is what that gif was from

benny is a precious dog and i enjoy the fact that he features heavily in max’s videos

im so upset you didnt reply with the one zeppeli face. you know the one. you’ll be fine tho